Election Day for Houstonians

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

I arrived at the University of Houston on Election Day with the intention of interviewing a couple of people regarding the presidential election and broadcasting the interview on Instagram Live. However, this did not occur. I approached a total of 2 group of friends and one single person; in total 8 people. All eight people rejected my interview. Could it have been because they did not have time? Maybe. Or it could it have also been the fear of being judged by society? I think so. This presidential election has been one of the most controversial of all time. I believe that more than anything, the fear of being condemn by others for speaking up kept the people from agreeing to being interviewed. Nevertheless, this experience taught me more than what I could have imagined. Here is the final result of my Instagram Live (saved on my camera roll):

link: https://youtu.be/v613pj949Yo
The UH Main Campus had a polling station. Voters were able to find their way to vote because signs like this one were drawn on the sidewalks.




UH class of 2023. Broadcast Journalism Major.

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Cristal Milan

Cristal Milan

UH class of 2023. Broadcast Journalism Major.

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